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April 29, 2013

Times LUXX Report

April 25th saw the publication of The Times‘ watch special – the first of three the paper will publish this year, edited by Show Media. Called The Business of Time and part of the ongoing LUXX Report series, it was published to coincide with the Basel Watch Fair. Combining specialist knowledge in features by expert writers such as Nick Foulkes, Robin Swithinbank and Simon de Burton with articles by interested consumers like The Times‘ Daniel Finkelstein, it looks at how timepieces play their part in business and the professions, and their serious investment potential.

Laura McCreddie looks at which watch best suits a chef, roadie, DJ, psychiatrist, deep-sea diver and lawyer, while Laura Lovett looks at the revival of rose gold as a new trend. Shoots by Andy Barter showcase multizone watches and women’s timepieces that make the transition from boardroom to bar. The issue also contains a round-up of the key launches from this year’s Basel and Geneva watch fairs.