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May 17, 2016

BEAU Issue Two – Adventure Watches


Show Media is pleased to announce the second edition of its latest publication, BEAU, the new briefing from Brummell magazine, which was distributed with The Sunday Times on 15 May.

Bringing a taste of Brummell, the little black book for the City, to a wider audience, each issue of BEAU focuses on a particular theme, and the second issue is dedicated to adventure watches.

Reflecting the aesthetic and ethos of Brummell, this edition of BEAU explores multifunctional watches specially designed for adrenaline-fuelled activities. We select trusty horological companions for motoring, diving, flying, sailing and challenging outdoor pursuits – plus, talking of challenges, we follow the journey of explorer James Bowthorpe, who rowed the length of the Hudson River in a boat he built entirely from scrap.

We also take a closer look at the anatomy of the Breitling Emergency II, the ultimate adventure watch, which features a personal-locator beacon for alerting emergency services in life-or-death situations, when every second counts.

Read Issue 2 of BEAU here 

Beau Brummell Issue 2