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February 18, 2015

Brummell x Burberry with Levison Wood

On Wednesday 18 February, explorer Levison Wood was in conversation with adventure-travel writer Ash Bhardwaj at an exclusive event hosted by Burberry at its flagship Regent Street store in association with Brummell Magazine.

Ash Bhardwaj began the conversation with Levison Wood by asking the audience for a show of hands to determine who had watched Channel 4′s four-part documentary following Wood on his incredible journey walking the length of the Nile. From the comfort of their own homes, many guests had tracked his progress as he crossed six different countries, taking more than seven million steps from the river’s source in Rwanda to the Mediterranean sea in Egypt. And, naturally, it was the stories the cameras hadn’t captured that they were eager to hear.


Members of the captivated audience, each of whom received a complimentary signed copy of Wood’s book, Walking the Nile, along with the spring adventure-themed issue of Brummell, were invited to ask their own questions afterwards, and many guests seized the chance to meet the man himself. When asked what he plans to do next, Wood admitted it would be hard to top his latest achievement, but his dream is to write a book to inspire the next generation of people to travel and explore.

Levison Wood believes exploration meets a universal need, and he’s right – after all, everyone loves a good adventure.

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