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May 12, 2015

Show Media at Digital Shoreditch 2015

Show Media CEO Peter Howarth was invited to Digital Shoreditch 2015 this week to discuss the future of wearable technology and fashion alongside Dickon Ross, editor-in-chief of E&T magazine.

Exploring the wearable-tech landscape, the panel debated the relationship between how people look in wearables and the rate at which they are adopted into the mainstream.

Peter says: ‘In order to fit seamlessly into our current lifestyles, wearable technology either needs to be hidden within already-desirable items or an innovative new item on its own. It cannot look like an inferior version of a product that already exists, or people simply won’t be willing to invest in it. It will be interesting to see how brands approach this crossroads as wearable tech becomes more mainstream.’

Watch the session over on Digital Shoreditch’s Youtube channel and tweet us your thoughts! @ShowMediaLondon