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September 17, 2014

David Beckham x Belstaff – Off Road

We met up with David Beckham in NY at the launch of a new book, Off Road, which features a portfolio of pictures of him wearing Belstaff while riding vintage bikes. Shot by Peter Lindbergh, the text is by Show Media’s CEO, Peter Howarth. Published by Belstaff, the book is available as a limited edition online here.

The former England football captain described a typical ride to us:  ‘I always try to pick days when the kids are doing something, because I never like to miss out on what the kids are doing. So it’s always when the kids have play dates. Most of the time it’s in California; so on a typical day, I organise to meet a friend at a coffee shop in LA where bikes are built. It’s a really cool place. We meet down there for a coffee and head down the coast and ride down the PCH and keep riding until we get bored, or cold, and then we come back.’ Then remembering where he was, he joked, ‘In Belstaff you never get cold!’ He concluded: ‘I love riding. It’s something that I’ve done for quite a few years now. For about eight or nine years I’ve been riding. Its something I’ve started to enjoy more so over the last few years and its definitely one of my passions.’