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November 6, 2013

The Times Luxx Report: The Art of Time

Last week saw the publication of the watch special of The Times Luxx Report, entitled ‘The Art of Time’, edited by Show Media.

In this edition, we explore the themes of heritage and craftsmanship. Ken Kessler unravels the modern obsession with mechanical watches, Simon de Burton delves into the history behind some of horology’s biggest names and Nicholas Foulkes discovers the brilliance and occasional insanity of complications. We take a look at one of the watch world’s most familiar brands, Swatch, on its 30th anniversary, explain the precision engineering behind IWC’s latest offerings and explore the age-old decorative techniques used to create exquisitely detailed dials.

Elsewhere, we take in the glamour of diamond watches, reveal the story behind secret timepieces and find out how French haute-couture house Dior’s DNA is continued in its watch collections. With women now demanding timepieces with just as much substance as style, we look at the brands offering serious propositions for the female market and talk to the couple who not only share each other’s lives, but watches too.