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July 5, 2013

Grey Goose’s Iconoclasts of Taste

Show Media has created a series of advertorials for Grey Goose vodka, based on the brand’s Iconoclasts of Taste campaign.

We photographed four new brand ambassadors, chosen by Grey Goose as creative visionaries, people unafraid to go against the grain to create something new. These Iconoclasts of Taste were fashion designer Giles Deacon, ched and restaurateur Nuno Mendes, mixologist Tony Conigliaro and gallerist Carrie Scott. We then created advertorials around these four ambassadors that have been published across the national press.

Show Media has also worked with Grey Goose in the follow-up to this campaign, photographing and creating advertorials around three emerging, not-yet-established visionaries, who were nominated to take part by the original Iconoclasts of Taste.